About Kate


  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Masters of Art in Counseling
  • Certified Addictions Counselor Diplomate
  • Certified Advanced Practice Clinical Hypnotherapist

Kate has been in private practice for over 25 years. Her commitment to you comes from the heart and is seasoned with rich experience. Kate has healed a history of sexual violence, raised a beautiful family, and lived a relationship of shared love and shared heart. As an elder in the community, she offers an extensive heritage of healing gifts.

Kate attends the IAMU University for heart rhythm meditation (HRM). She teaches HRM at the cancer support community and facilitates a meditation instruction group at her private practice.

chestunut-street-officeKate is a mentor at the Wellness Institute in Issaquah Washington. The Institute provides trainings for professionals in heart centered clinical hypnotherapy. She has been with them for 8 years. She studied in various process-oriented communities over the years and has a special affinity in working with the body.

She provides trainings for therapists and healthcare providers in building resource states, which are essential in the treatment of shock and the healing of the nervous system after traumatic experience including sexually traumatic experiences.

Individuals seek help from Kate with various life challenges including: stress reduction, recovery from depression, anxiety, addictions, traumatic experiences, abuse, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Couples find help in restoring their commitment and passion for each other. They learn to heal broken hearts, learn new ways to listen to each other and build healing bridges that lead them to deeper intimacy, and sustainable joy.