Heart Rhythm Meditation Group Classes

Kate’s meditation circles center around Heart Rhythm Meditation, a proven self-help technique.

Heart Rhythm Meditation, or HRM, is an ancient set of meditative techniques. Kate’s personal success with HRM has moved her to serve as a mentor in the art. She does so weekly in a class format within her private Emmaus, Pennsylvania office.

How Does HRM Work?

According to the Institute for Applied Meditation on the Heart:

Whereas most meditations are a relief from the stress of life, HRM is a rehearsal for life, the way you’d like to live it. HRM actually increases your ability to handle stress.

Like popular meditation, the chief goal of HRM is to quiet the mind and calm the heart. What’s unique about HRM is how it achieves these things: through a conscious focus on the automatic body, particularly your breath and heartbeat.

Why Should I Try HRM?

The benefits of HRM are many. Physically, it’s been shown to help relieve hypertension. HRM also serves the mind and spirit. Meditation group participants have reported heightened empathy, feeling happier, and attaining a more optimistic outlook on their lives.

Join Us for a Class

HRM classes are held Saturday from 8am to 10 am. To reserve your space in a class, please contact Kate.