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Healing Begins Within

Kate Lampe, LPC believes in empowering her clients. That’s why she’s made the emphasis of her practice the self. Self-discovery. Self-acceptance. Self-love. Kate works with each client toward these outcomes, equipping them with the toolset to achieve a lifetime of poise, confidence and, most importantly, happiness.

Learn More About Kate’s Services

Kate offers one-on-one and couples therapy. Kate has also founded, and regularly leads, group meditation circles. For healthcare providers practicing all modalities, Kate welcomes the opportunity to work together, giving your patients and clients a safe, supportive and complementary experience.


For Individuals

Expect a safe, private, comfortable space that’s more reminiscent of home than office. For 25 years, Kate has helped people of all walks and life experiences.


For Couples

When there’s friction on a shared path, or the path feels like its begun to diverge, Kate guides the partners – as individuals and as companions – toward a shared sense of solution.


Meditation Classes

Kate’s group meditation circles center around Heart Rhythm Meditation, a proven self-help technique. Classes typically run twice weekly.


For Providers

Kate welcomes working together with traditional and non-traditional healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, therapists and holistic practitioners.

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