While Kate is currently unable to accept new clients, she highly recommends contacting:
Marcy J.S. Johnson, LCSW
Heart Tree Counseling, LLC
(484) 474-0120

Kate Lampe proudly supports the education, training and resources from the following organizations:

IAM heart

Institute for Applied Meditation of the Heart

IAM heart provides professional training in the method and application of Heart Rhythm Meditation, through Mentoring, webcourses, group retreats, private retreats, local classes, and especially the two-year, part-time comprehensive curriculum of The University of the Heart, which includes all of the above.
Website: IAMheart.org

Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

The Wellness Institute

The Wellness Institute is an internationally recognized organization, located in Issaquah, Washington, committed to offering the highest quality hypnosis and hypnotherapy training available.
Website: Wellness-Institute.org