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For Couples

Kate Lampe, a licensed professional counselor in private practice, welcomes those seeking marriage counseling or couples therapy to her Emmaus, Pennsylvania office.

Disputes are natural to any relationship, especially ones with high stakes. That’s why they’re so common in romantic relationships. When there’s friction on a shared path, or the path feels like it’s begun to diverge, Kate guides the partners – as individuals and as companions – toward a shared sense of solution.

What to Expect from Kate

Kate wants to give you the keys to a more successful partnership. More than just a moderator, Kate leads couples sessions with an emphasis on mutual understanding. Outcomes will depend on your situation, but in all cases she assumes a mentoring role, offering each partner an equal ear without adding pressure.

Is Couples Therapy Right for Us?

The decision to seek counseling is a very personal one. Kate understands that your relationship with your partner might involve unique or trying circumstances. That’s precisely why Kate believes therapy is so important. In Kate’s experience, Couples Therapy can be a gateway to personal happiness and relationship longevity. Paramount to Kate are you and your partner’s privacy, comfort and healing path.

Scheduling a Session

To learn more or to be added to the new client wait list, please contact Kate.

Post Author: Kate Lampe