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For Individuals

Kate Lampe, a licensed professional counselor in private practice, welcomes individual clients to her Emmaus, Pennsylvania office.

Expect a safe, private, comfortable space that’s more reminiscent of home than office.Kate specializes in helping people of all backgrounds and life experiences develop and use their inner strength and wisdom to face life’s challenges. Kate’s greatest joy is to serve as a guidepost on your journey.

What to Expect from Kate

Kate understands your situation and circumstances differ from others, which is why no two sessions are exactly alike. If there’s a constant among sessions, it’s twofold: Kate’s compassionate ear, and her gentle guidance. Inner peace is the horizon Kate wants to help you toward. She offers that guidance at your pace, and with great respect for your spirit and the things that’ve brought you to her.

Is Individual Therapy Right for Me?

The decision to seek counseling is a very personal one. That’s true for everyone. Whether you’re a victim of trauma, struggling to find inner peace or just want to better understand your feelings and thoughts, you can count on a caring, collaborative relationship. Paramount to Kate are your privacy, your comfort and your healing path.

Scheduling a Session

If you want to learn more, or to be added to the wait list for individual counseling, please contact Kate.

Post Author: Kate Lampe