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When our hearts are injured we tend to stop believing in ourselves. We say things to ourselves like; I must not be important…remind me not to do that again…no one there seemed to like me… maybe I don’t belong in this family, this party this workplace. We blame ourselves and retreat or hide a valuable part of ourselves, then we blame someone out there.

Our hearts are very tender. Feeling the pain of Love is not something that we are prepared to experience.

Last week I was listening to a young man’s story. He described a very potent tale of heart ache his parents endured when his mother had an affair. He was ten years old and until this time in his very tender first decade he felt well tended to. His Dad came to his games and his mother shared in the parenting in ways that he knew he was loved and a part of a family.

After the affair he recalls that his father buried himself at work and became unavailable. Mother was there but preoccupied and buried in guilt. She stopped noticing the emotions and questions that her son had about his life.

The heart of the relationship was wounded and the mother and the father did not know how to tend to and mend this broken heart. They stayed together yet they never healed.

That day of brokenness became a lifetime of neglect for this young man. Even while he still had the bodies of his parents there with him in his life, their hearts were defended and closed. We think that we are protecting ourselves when we remain distant to keep the pain at bay. Yet when we close to one person who is beloved by us, this effects everyone we love.

You are beautiful beyond measure and more powerful than you realize. Accepting the mind’s plan to think of yourself as less than capable or whole isn’t just shortchanging yourself, its shortchanging the world.

Heart Rhythm Meditation  heals the broken hearted and gives us courage and wisdom.

Post Author: Kate Lampe

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