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The soft heart

opens doors

moves mountains

makes space


for soul.

Being vulnerable lets one feel the true nature of life. After many years of being shielded to stop the danger and the pain of life, i was catapulted into a new life. The loss of a loved one; coupled with my time spent in meditations on & with the heart revealed to me the true power in loving.

When Bill died my heart opened in yet even more magnificent layers of Love for him. It opened because I learned how to feel the pain and digest it. It opened because his love is and was the gift that saved me and made me whole.

I needed teachers to show me how to work with this pain. I needed to learn how to believe in love even and especially after death. Bill remains my greatest teacher, and now I have many new teachers.

I feel with deep gratitude the sun and the moon as my teachers. I feel Jesus and Mary, the ones my early faith talked about and yet I never really felt. I feel Hazarat Inyat Khan, Buddha, and my own dear mother and grandmother.

In the heart we are connected to the whole of life. We are one being. We are like the drop of water in the ocean of life. Separate yet fluidly together. Our minds operate to keep us separated so that we can experience individuality and growth from a point of view. I deeply value this function of the mind.

Heart Rhythm Meditation does not exclude the mind. It expands your ability to see from the mountain top of soul.

Post Author: Kate Lampe

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