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What is unity consciousness?

Who or what is God? How is this connected to my breath?  What is my purpose in Life?

These are the questions of the heart. By that I mean they can be answered by the heart and not the rational mind. Developing a meditation practice that is attuned to the heart speeds the development of your ability to experience the answer and when the heart speaks there is no doubt. It is felt to the core as a truth that travels beyond understanding.

My grandson Ryder says to me you are my meditation teacher. He says this with an earnest look in his eye and then says teach me how to breath. He does this with utter vulnerability. I think to myself can I really teach a child this skill. Is he really capable of looking into the vastness. Then I remember when Casey came to me and said, Grandma I want you to go and ask Jesus what is my purpose in life. I say, that is kind of personal Casey, don’t you think it would be better to ask the question yourself. He replies, you know you are better at this than me, just do it. I say ok and sit down with him on my lap and go inward to my heart. Here I ask Jesus the question, what is Casey’s purpose. I immediately began to weep as I find familiar grief from the loss of my sweet Bill. Casey sees the tears and says what is it grandma. I tell him, Jesus is helping me first. Connecting with Bill has always opened my little portal to the heart. When I am willing to be connected to my sorrow I am also connected to a Love that goes beyond my understanding. In this place the answer comes. Casey is here to teach. I open my eyes and say, Jesus says that you are here to teach. Casey responds with great passion, Ask him what…what am I here to teach. His insistence leaves no room for small talk so I close my eyes again and ask what? I hear with great tenderness, it would harm him to know, he is not ready yet. He must be content to ask the question until it is his time. Casey fully understood this answer and jumped off my knee. Many days later I would find him asking the question, I wonder what is my purpose. Allowing himself to be possessed by the only question of his heart was shaping his days.

After many long years of learning the dogma of religion through the window of my Catholic faith, I was no closer to finding answers and the questions had gotten lost in the rules. Somehow it was more important for me to save my soul so that after I died I could be in heaven with God. The path of the heart is immediate like the heart of a child, unspoiled by the interpretations of God. We are not here to be good. It is OK to make mistakes. In fact we need our mistakes to learn more about ourselves. Our souls have a specific design. Our uniqueness is intimately created by the one being that flows within us all. We are all imperfect beings moving toward perfection and it is in finding our desires and paying attention to the questions and the call of our heart’s desires that we will find ourselves.

What is your burning question? What consumes you? Do you have the courage to keep asking? This sometimes means tolerating not knowing. This sometimes means feeling great sorrow. This sometimes means being demanding.This sometimes means being completely vulnerable. This sometimes means following an uncommon path wherever it leads you because the heart has required it of you.

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